Car Surges then dies at a stop only in hot or warm weather I have an 89 acura that only when it is warm or hot ouside and i have been driving for say 45 min, it will just start to surge with RPMs running up and down and it will keep doing that not allowing me to accelerate. and once i come to a stop it will just die. I then wait about 20 min and it will start right up again and go a little longer. What is the issue??? never happens in the winter!

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17 Aug, 2017

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Think about what you just said. Only does this in times of higher temps out BUT never in winters cold. Doesn't that seem strange to you. Well I guess it does, huh. Anyway, know these systems helps. When engine is started, the temp sensor tells the computer it needs to place the engine to cold start mode. It does this and extra fuel is put into the cylinders to keep it running like a choke on the carbureted engines. But those you can turn the choke off or it does this automatically from the warmer engine. If in fact the temp sensor is not telling the computer it's warm enough to be taken out of cold start mode, it keeps dumping excessive fuel into the cylinders an flooding the engine causing it to surge and then die, because it's flooded. Therefore, the temperature sensor is faulty and needs replaced. Do that and drive on.
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