Menu button stuck? I just moved to a new place, and it seems like the TV didn't like to be moved. When I first plugged in the power cable, the TV just clicked, but didn't turn on. I tried taking it in and out a couple of times, and eventually I got it on, but the main menu startet poping up. I gave up trying to fix it, but today (two weeks later) I tried turning the TV back on again, and the same thing happened. I realized that the menu button on the side panel was stuck. Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to remove the cover or what?

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05 May, 2017

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Very observant Helene449,

You are off to a great start...

If you have a bright light and a good magnifier...
You can generally LOOK AT A FORCED button
and see it is tucked under the edge of the mounting...

Again, generally... you can press hard with
the ERASER END of a pencil and as GENTLY
as possible persuade the button from inside the edge
of it's own recess...

You are looking at opening the
("non-user-serviceable - parts-inside") ... case
and attempting to service ... those parts.

Everything MUST go back PRECISELY as it was...
Take lots of pictures & notes to facilitate that EFFORT.

FORCE nothing!!

Always wear ANTI-STATIC WRIST (ESD) strap
(he tiniest static "spark" (you might not even feel)
can RUIN, waste and/or DESTROY the most
robust semiconductors...
(even automotive alternator DIODES).

and remember...
Most REAL professional (COMMERCIAL GRADE)
super TECHNICIANS always remove power...
(ALWAYS: when-ever possible).

Parts (and live assistance) for most USA models
are available from
TV Parts Universal TV Stands DLP Chips ShopJimmy

The rest of the world will get better results with
a "spares" search using your MODEL NUMBER.

Happy hunting.

Carnac the Magnificent
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