1993 bmw motorcycle battery problem Decided to re-charge the battery on my bike (2amp charge on a regular battery). Notice the negative cable got hot, so decided to take the battery out and inspect. Charged it up again, good battery, holds charge. Upon re-connecting the anodes, the battery turns over. It does this with, or without the ignition “on”. I suspect something stuck. Tell me what I need, if in stock, and price. Thanks, Terry. Nb. Mottarad forums suggest wheeling the bike in gear to unlock starter solenoid?. doesn’t work. I can run the bike but the starter stays cranked whilst running, so decided not to mess with it further until I get the right info and part.

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21 Dec, 2015

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Hi, Shasaman in order to diagnose the starter circuit you must start with a fully charged battery, 12.5 volts or better and be able to pass a proper load test if necessary. The battery cables and terminals must be clean and tight. The "NEGATIVE" cable is famous for corroding and or breaking inside the harness, check the connectors at both ends. Check your starter relay with a test light for continuity, it could be faulty due to corrosion and sticking in a closed configuration, another claim to fame. Finally, there is the starter solenoid, low battery voltage or faulty battery connections will cause extremely high amperage at the plate and contact shoes and rob the hold in coils of much-needed voltage. In extreme cases, the solenoid plunger plate will literally weld itself to the contact shoes, keeping the circuit closed and thus permanent engagement. Another scenario is unacceptable voltage drop to the starter solenoid from the ignition switch to the starter relay to the starter button, and finally to the solenoid. Remove the green wire from the starter solenoid and hook up the positive lead of your volt meter to the green wire connector and ground the negative lead. Turn on the ignition switch and depress starter button, the voltage reading should be no more than .5 volt less than the battery voltage. If it is more than .5 volt you need to backtrack that part of the circuit with your volt meter until you find the voltage robbing offender. Next remove the 3 screws that secure the solenoid cover and remove the plunger, dress the plate and the contact shoes of arching residue and make sure the contact shoes are tight and secure. If you have done all of the above, replace the green starter button wire, hook up your voltmeter to the battery and check the voltage drop when you start the engine, anything below 9 volts could indicate a faulty battery and a proper load test should be performed. For more information about your issue, please visit the websites below. Good luck and have a nice day. Starter engages when reconnect battery on K1200RS BMWSportTouring Forums
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http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/downloads/K1100LT_RS_Repair.pdf BMW Motorcycle Parts Fiche OEM BMW Motorcycle Parts online 1970 present BMW
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