Oven takes forever to preheat Sometimes the oven will not preheat. The light will not come on, you can set at 450 and a 30 minutes later you can turn it down to 250 and the light still does not come on. If you try to cook something ti will not cook. the oven gets hot but not the right temp. One time it was set at a temp for a long time and there was no preheat light, I locked and unlocked oven door real hard and light came on. One tine I smacked the top where the light pannel is and it came on then. But it seems like it never heats or it takes forever.

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The way the oven works is like so:
1) User sets the desired temperature
2) Power is sent to the ignitor
3) The ignitor is then energized, drawing 3.2 amps of current
4) When the 3.2 amps is drawn, the gas safety valve is allowed to open and gas flows into the burner assembly in the oven.
5) This gas is then ignited, causing the oven to heat.
6) As the oven heats up, the oven sensor, which is the metal rod located at the top on the rear oven wall, converts the heat into an electrical signal, relaying this information to the main control which in turns displaying the temperature.
(In models with a dial thermostat, there won't be a sensor, though a metal wire with a bulbous end will be present, which is actually connected to the thermostat.)
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