Garage door opener (Sears 139.664700) has power but will not operate when button is pushed opener has operated trouble free until last year when I lost power to my garage. (wiring problem) Just got it fixed, and now the opener will not operate! When I plug the main unit in, I can hear a power relay click, but pressing the buttons on the receiver/ local operator unit (wires are both connected on both ends) does nothing. Wireless remote produces same result. IF I "jiggle" the plug in the outlet to alternate the power on/ off a couple times, _sometimes_ the door WILL "trip" and operate. (both directions)! Help! I have no documentation for it. (Previously posted looking for a manual) Thanks! Keith in PA

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21 Jun, 2012

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Could also be the start capacitor in side the garage door opener box, check for electrolytic driping out for signs of a bad capacitor...
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