2000 harley sporster 1200 speedometer wont work it lights up but wont show speed or miles speedometer lights up but wont register speed or change miles

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Hi Darrell.lowery, always check your instrument fuse before performing the next procedure, try cleaning your speed sensor located on top of the transmissions right side between the top cover and the chrome starter end cap on Twin Cams and on top of the engine case between the rear cylinder and the starter motor for Sportsters. Remove the the bolt that secures the sensor and pull it out of the transmission. Inspect sensor for obvious damage and repace if necessary. If sensor has no damage then wipe clean any obvious contamination like micro fiberous material with a clean rag and reinstall, torque bolt to 8 ft lbs. Please visit the website below for more information and good luck.
Harley Diagnostic Codes 04 to Present
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