1999 jeep grand cherokee limited warped rotors I purchased my 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited 12/11/1998. I immediately had problems when braking, The front end & steering wheel vibrated & shook as tho driving over speed bumps before a toll booth. My Jeep dealer told me my rotors were warped & were not covered by my warranty nor my extended warranty. They offered to split the $200.00 to file down my rotors. They did this several times splitting the cost. A hundred dollars each time. After my warranty expired I took my Jeep to a well known mechanic for oil changes & general upkeep. On an icy snow day he said it was unsafe to drive like that. For only $500.00 he replaced my rotors. Why didn't Jeep tell me I could have my rotors replaced instead of offering a temporary fix?

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  • Simply put, dealers are not always the most honest. Warped rotors is a very serious event. They warped from heat and a fair amount of it at that. The issues causing this should have been immediately addressed.

  • Lathing them down is a ridiculous concept in this case. They should have sent those rotors off for a quality inspection and the issue fixed as well as your rotors replaced. Perhaps at a cost but they were grossly negligent putting lives at risk. I would consider filing a complaint and never use them again.
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