Ducati st4s overheat My 2002 ST4S gets over heat to 120 degree Celsius and engine cut off whenever in slow traffic with outdoor temperature around 25-28 degree Celsius. Anyway to solve? Or any easy modification to improve? Engine oil, coolant are newly changed.

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01 Mar, 2016

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Hi, Bikermok and the usual suspects are:
1. Insufficient oil supply, or oil not circulating.
2. Insufficient air flows over the engine.
3. Heavy carbon deposits.
4. Ignition timing retarded due to faulty MAP, CKP, and/or CMP sensors.
5. Leaking intake or exhaust valve.
6. Water coolant low or pump failure.
For more information about your issue and valuable free downloads that you will need please visit the websites below. Good luck and have nice a day.
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