Generac 20,000kW Standby generator doesn't start shows message STOP ALARM OVERCRANKED 3 month old 20,000 kW STandby (propane powered) didn't start after 1st power outage. It showed a message " STOP ALARM/OVERCRANKED. The weekly tests every th. (runs automatically since owned never failed). What does this message mean? Is there something I can do to correct so generator runs? Reachableon Model #0058751 Serial # 6710076

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24 Mar, 2018

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20,000KW is a big power standby generator. For generator that won'r start, the reasons may be various.
1. Air in the fuel system
2. Fuel Line Obstruction
3. Fuel Filter Clogging
4. The Handle Position of Fuel Injection Pump Is Not Correct
5. Fuel Injector Problem - Little fuel injection or fuel injection is not atomized
6. Oil Supply Problem - Oil transfer pump doesn't supply oil or the oil supply is brokenly.
1. Battery Power Shortage
2. Circuit Wiring Error or Poor Contact
More information at this Why Diesel Generator Fail to Start
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