Where is refrigerant line located? I bought refrigerant so I could save money and do it myself. I need to know where the port(line) is located so I can accomplish this as the owner's manual does not reference it's whereabouts. I'm great at following directions and I'm pretty sure I've found where it needs to go, just want to be sure I'm pulling off the correct cap. It's a black cap, on an aluminum line that runs parallel to a smaller rubber line up toward the passenger side. The line runs close to the engine coolant tank. Am I correct in thinking this is the one? And the cap I am speaking of, is this the cap I would take off and connect the refrigerant tube to? Thanks in advance.

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28 Mar, 2017

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How do you know it need's refrigerant ? A/C work is best left to a professional service Tech, That R134a your about to send into the atmosphere stays there for 13 1/2 years , you an every body an there brother that think's they can do A/C work is ruinning the planet . If there is no refrierant in the system what you put in will leak right back out . To do A/C work as a professional ,have to be certified , why they sell refrigerant to john Q public , I'll never know . Even when they know it mess with the atmosphere . .
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