I have a free-standing Kenwood portable air conditioner that is leaking from the bottom. It had never leaked before. Model PAC C130EK. email is refb17@gmail.com.

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I had bought mine used and it didn't come with manual or hosing or venting just the unit and so I have the unit vented out but idk how to drain the tank in the back I see a plastic little port at the back bottom of the unit so I'm guessing that's to drain but I don't know how or were to get a hose to do that cause I did read on 1 of the sites for the unit and it sayed it's a non Fripp system and doesn't need to be emptied but they have a port to empty it on the back I would think for a reason and I don't use the DE humid. So I don't think I collect a lot but idk
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