1991 Honda Accord Miss-fires dies Recently, this car would start and idle fast until warmed up and then hunt for the idle. It has begun to missfire while warming up and then it hunts, misses and dies. It has a new distributor, plugs, wires, injectors, pressure regulator, swapped ecu, cleaned isc valves, new tps and timing belt. Running out of ideas and money trying to get this licked. When it runs it runs very good and strong. Compression was good and fuel pressure was 45psi.

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20 Jun, 2012

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I would try replacing the ignition control module and the distributor pickup as the next most likely cause of this problem. Also I would do the following

This problem can be caused by a dirty automatic idle speed control valve and throttle valve. Buy a can of throttle valve cleaner from NAPA or Carquest (made by CRC chemicals) and spray it into the air intake while the engine is running, use up about 1/2 the can, engine will try to stall hold the speed up, shut it down and let it soak for 30 minutes, restart and blow out the remaining fluid, shut it down and disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 Min's to reset the base idle control

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