Hss25ifma-cc water and ice buttons do not work hss25IFMA-CC cools fine, makes ice, the outside ice and water door buttons light, but do nothing. I got new electric panel/fuse box put into house a couple of days ago, and BOOM, the only thing broken is the ice and water controls. bought the fridge 2001 I took out the ice bucket and turned the thing that pushes the ice forward (on the back wall of the freezer) and it turns. The big screw turns by hand too.

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22 Jun, 2012

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Check your wiring pin-plug under the left top hinge cover and see if the plug is together snugly. If you need to trace out the problem I am here or located=> appliancepartsse@yahoo.com Here is a Service Manual PDF Here is a wiring diagram on this page=> GE Artica/Profile Techinical Page Let me know I don't mind helping, Thanks, Sea Breeze
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