Sony VPL-VW100 110-240 volts oulet I moved from the US (voltage 110) to France and hooked the VPL SONY projector to a transformer for 220v. For the 2nd time the power in the whole apartment went off. I thought the transformer might not be powerful enough. Could I put the plug directly into 220v without a heavy transformer, since the notice said 100-240???

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02 Dec, 2017

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You MAY be in luck! There is NO mention of a 220VAC supply for your Sony Projector! However they DO specify a different AC Power Cable/Cord.

This means your Sony should work from 100VAC to 240VAC AS IS with the proper connector at the WALL end. NO other transformer should be required...

Download your Manual from the Link below and go to page 71.
Note that FIVE different cables are specified ~ depending on location...

I also suspect you can go to a local TV shop and buy the proper cable OR have them CUT the connector and install the correct type for your location.

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