Need to know why a 97 mercury cougar won't start until cooling fan and fuel pump stop running I have owned this car about 5 years and it has always had a delay in starting. For a while it usually took about 3-5 sec. but the problem has progressively worsened over time and more recently has taken as long as 15-20 min.(not sec.) for the cooling fan and fuel pump to shut off before starting. It is more of an intermittent thing as far as the delay time goes as sometimes it may take a few sec. to a few min. and other times may take a few min. to several min. and has actually drained the battery a few times while waiting to start.

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I would think it's a problem with (CCRM) constant control relay module . This module has relay's inside that control the fuel pump , cooling fans , A/C compressor clutch , PCM - engine computer power relay . And thier are electronics involved , solid state circuity . Google CCRM
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