Top oven of dual oven unit not reaching tempature jb850spss dual oven range, top oven used to work great now takes forever to heat up to temp unit only 2yrs old any suggestions?

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20 Jun, 2012

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There are a a few things you'll want to check.

1) place the machine on bake to verify the bake element is coming on then do the same for the broil element. In normal operation both of these elements are supposed to come on helping the machine reach temperature quickly.

2) If both elements are working, let the machine cool down and then locate the oven sensor. This is going to be located at at #453 I believe on the diagram I list below:

using an ohm meter this can be check and should measure out at 1099 ohms. If there is a slight difference, say something like 1087 ohms, it will cause a major difference in performance in the machine working right.
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