Problems: ac speedometer warning lights 2006 honda civic my speedometer will read zero no matter how fast im going, cruise control doesnt work, mileage doesnt add up, warning lights for ABS, air bag, check engine and service light all come on, gear indicator light flashes or turns red and stays by the D gear but flashes green by other gears while still red by D, A/C blows but not cold. ive noticed that not often at all turning on headlights, opening sun roof or front windows will "fix" the speedometer and A/C, but rolling down the back windows "fixes' the problem much more often although not always.

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26 Apr, 2017

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It sounds like you have a ground issue near the transmission. Make sure the ground strap above the upper radiator hose is booked down good. Also check the plugs on the transmission for a loose connection.
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