HELP!! 1992 buick lesabre Hood release cable snapped. no way to get hood open.. I was closed my hood after looking at my battery because it died and went to pop it later and it didn't pop. The hood release cable broke off and I can't get it open. I got underneath my car. I couldn't get to the latch from the front and I went to get it from the back but since it is closed I can't get to it and the radiator and the fan is in the way and I have less than an inch to work with and I can get a finger around the cable but no more than that. I was wondering if there was something temporary so I can pop my hood open from outside the car instead of the hood release inside my car since it is broken. Possibly cutting the cable so I can pull on it for the hood to open, maybe?

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You may need a professional to get this hood open, and it will likely need to be on a car lift. Try this if you are handy, try removing the driver side fender well liner for access to the latch.
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