Whirlpool ite6234d thin twin could someone tell me in detail where the belt is located in the washer? oh and is the belt located around the motor coupling. because first problem water did fill up with water,and drain but agitator wouldnt move when turned on..then today wont fill up with water,nor drain nor move but always makes sound and soun gets louder on spin cyle thinking now belt is broken because motor coupling is broke...can someone help me out with this..i am a woman so i know very little bout things like this but trying ..please help me out

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I can not find your model number that you posted.
I can tell you that all whirpool thin twins up to last year were direct drive with no belt except for the dryer section. Whirlpool stackers from the early eighties did have a washer belt if yours is this old replace the entire machine.
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