Maytag Bravos MVWX600XW won't latch or start cycle just blinks & then turns off won't start cycles, latch lite blinks then after about 5 minutes shuts unit off, is this a latch problem or what?

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21 Jun, 2012

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Your door lock assembly has gone bad. You'll need to get your model # and go to either or or your local parts supply to pick up. To start the repair you'll need to lift the top up by taking the two metal clips, one on each side, and then pulling the top forward. Once that is done lift top and you'll be able to locate the lock located in the front. Once you find the lock follow the wires back and you'll see that they go back and then upwards. Set the top back down and then remove the back of the control panel, which are 1/4 screws I believe. Located the wires from the lid lock switch and see where they connect on the control board , from behind, it shoould be on your left side close to you. Disconnect the wires and now you can remove the lock safely. Install new lock and put the machine back together;
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