Mitsubishi 2001 Galant battery drain Just bought this car used and thought I was getting a good deal. LOL It had a dead battery and I installed a new one and after a couple days the battery drains and will not start. completely dead. I have did the alternator test by removing the positive cable to it. What I am trying to find out is should there be any kind of short when you hook up a test light after taking off the negative cable and connecting a test light from the cable to the battery. Thanks Milton

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18 Jun, 2012

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Do not disconnect the positive Or negative cable while vehicle is running it is no longer an acceptable test and damage to computers could occur as there is no ability to suppress or absorb a voltage spike. If you remove the negative cable to check for an amperage draw that's an other thing. You should use a meter and connect it in series between the neg post and the neg cable once all modules are in sleep mode there should be no more than .3v as a rule of thumb. If more you have a parasitic draw which you could isolate the system/circuit by removing fuses one at a time. When the draw is gone that's the circuit in question.
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