2003 Harley xl 883 wont start, what haven't I thought of? i rebuilt a 2003 harley sportster xlh 883, it started right up the first time i tried, but now it wont start at all.. lights, horn, ect work fine it will make all the noises like its trying and it wants to start, but it just wont fire up. tried charging battery, and when that failed i bought a brand new battery, but still no luck. fuel squirts into carb fine when i turn the throttle checked spark plugs and they are sparking fine lol yes the gas is on, also tried res too and new clean gas as well but still wont fire up, it really tries though sounds so close. please, what could it be?

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26 Jun, 2015

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Hi Mystr_e119, you may have a faulty CKP sensor, for more information about your question please visit the websites below. Good luck and have nice day.
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