Blower only works on high The blower for the heater/air conditioner in my 2003 Rendezvous only blows on high.Sometimes after driving long distances the blower will work on lower speeds all of a sudden.Also the temperature control on the passengers side will only blow hot air.The slide adjuster on the temperature control for the passengers side apparently doesnt work.I got a different temperature control/fan control from a salvage yard and installed it in the dash with no success. It still does the same thing. Heater only works on high and now the temperature control for the drivers side doesnt work rather than the passenger side.Did I get a bad part from the salvage yard or is there another part that is the problem???

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29 Mar, 2017

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Bad connection or blower motor resistor . GM Blower Motor Resistor Diagnostics by Wells

Do you know how to do automotive electrical testing ? Have a volt meter ? Know how to use a volt meter ? Videos on youtube .

Air Temperature Actuator
The air temperature actuator is a 3 wire bi-directional electric motor. Ignition 3-voltage, ground and control circuits enable the actuator to operate. The control circuit uses a 0-12 volt linear-ramped signal to command the actuator movement. The 0 and 12-volt control values represent the opposite limits of the actuator range of motion. The values in between 0 and 12 volts correspond to the positions between the limits.
When the HVAC control module sets a commanded, or targeted, value, the control signal sets to a value between 0-12 volts. Actuator shaft rotation is the results of a commanded position input by the vehicle operator. With a new actuator commanded value action, the maintained actuator control value is changed.

Temperature Valve Actuator Replacement - Right Side

Remove the glove box to get at this part to replace !
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