How can I remove the back panel inside of my bottom freezer refrigerator to get to the drip pan, drain area? How do I remove the back panel of the freezer to get to the drip pan, drainage area without messing up the drawer rollers?

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your going to have to remove the bottom drawer and all the stuff in the freezer as well as take the ice maker out. When that is all done there are some 1/4 " screws in the back wall to remove and then you just pull the back wall off. You may also have to take one of the tracks off if I recall. here something you might want to read
If the water is showing on the freezer side, more than likely you have a clogged drain. This occurs when the machine goes into defrost and the melted ice somehow is prevented from draining and therefor refreezing and blocking the drain for the next defrost cycle. The best way to resolve this is to unplug the machine for atleast 24-48 hours to let all ice melt. If thats not an option that you want to use the actual repair method would be to 1) unplug the machine 2) empty everything out of the freezer so you'll have room to work 3) take all the shelving and baskets out 4) locate the screws on the rear wall inside the freezer and remove them 5) take the back panel off exposing the evaporator coils ( the aluminum ) 6) directly below the coils is a trough of sorts and the drain is usually in the middle and runs out the bottom, remove the ice by carefully chipping it out or by using a hair dryer or hot water. 7) once all the ice is gone, the drain is visible and water can flow smnoothly down the drain dry the area and reassemble. If you take the lower panel off in the back and locate where the drain comes out sometimes you'll notice that there is a rubber piece that is on the end. This piece should be removed because it prevents the water from draining from the inside and can be taken off with just your fingers
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