2002 TrailBlazer side marker lights blink with 4ways Strarted with camper brake lights not working. Running light work fine till you step on the brake, then rear lights go out and front marker lights get bright. Ran a wire from the neg on battery to camper no change. Removed the camper. Checked all lights replaced the left front marker light bulb, left it on top of housing. Turned the 4ways on and noticed that all the marker lights flash real dim but can be seen in bright sun.I have replace the 4way flasher unit. About 6 months ago the cruise didn't work, the shop replaced the brake switch. I CLEANNED AS MANY OF THE GROUNDS as I could find. Thanks for any help

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12 Apr, 2017

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I think you either have a defective bulb socket or you still have a ground problem, that is the only thing that can cause this, the ground issue may be caused by the turn signal switch as well.
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