Help...Lost the power adaptor for my Lumisource Boomchair SVC. What are the power specs? Lost the power adaptor for my Lumisource Boomchair SVC. Does anybody have one of these gaming chairs that can tell me what their power supply housing says on it? Maybe take a picture of yours and post it for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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12 Oct, 2017

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No need to worry about positive or negative - it's 12 V AC, 2.5 A. If you unscrew the 6 screws in the plate with all the connectors on it, and gently pry it out, you'll see that the black cord with the power connector on it just connects to two wires, one yellow and one white, that run down inside to the power amp board. You can just disconnect the black cord, and wire in whatever cord works with the power adapter you find, or just cut the power connector off of the black cord, and replace that with the appropriate jack that fits the adapter you find.. You can use a DC power supply of at least 14 V at 3 A - but don't go much over 16V. A lot of laptop power bricks will do this, and they readily available. Since the wires go to a bridge rectifier, it doesn't matter which wire you connect + or - to.

Digi-Key part number HM1577-ND is available for immediate shipment at $20.57. It's a plug-in wall transformer with two screw terminals. 12v AC, 2.5A 40W.
Made by Hammond - a high-quality part. This would get you up and running in 10 minutes or less.
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