I am looking for Cybex 900T parts Elevation Sensor Disc (FS-11129) and Optical Sensor (EC-11101). Very hard to find,can you help.If not available, can they be manually bypassed ? Can these two sensors be manually bypassed to still make the treadmill working? The 2 parts are FS-11129 Elevation sensor, and EC-11101 Optical sensor. Very hard to find if not No Longer Available. Thank you.

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22 Feb, 2016

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I saw your question and you are looking some parts of your treadmill. I have also a Treadmil 900T.

This one gives unexpected an Error code 08. When I turn of, goes shut down and by turn on, gives Testing ang a feav seconds later gives ERROR CODE 08, then doing nothing.

You can buy this treadmil. Als you can braougt the good parts from this treadmil. if you that wil you can send an message to yaldizn@home.nl

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