How to clean fuel injectors on Yamaha 2005 r6

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23 Sep, 2016

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Hi, Anonymous fuel injectors fail either electronically due to faulty connection/internal electronic failure or mechanical malfunction pintle stuck due to dirt, grime, and or ethanol sludge. Since some injectors can run $100 or so it's best to try and resolve the electrical or mechanical issue if possible. The first thing you need to do is check the fuses or the fuel injection system relay for continuity then the injector connection with a test light by turning the ignition switch off and on if there is no continuity backtrack to the ignition switch until you find the bad connection, if ok remove the injector and check it with jumper leads off your battery for function by touching then removing one of the leads if the injector is functioning properly you will hear and feel the click. If there is no click the pintle could be stuck in the open position due to contamination. If you are on a budget I "HIGHLY" recommend the services of InjectorRx above any DIY method, they can repair your injector to optimum performance for only $18 and if it is not repairable there is no charge. There are DIY methods on youtube but there is no guarantee they will work or last any amount of time. Here is what Injector Rx can do for you
1. The injectors are checked for resistance. If they fail the ohm test we will notify you that your injectors has failed and should be replaced.
2. The injectors are then checked for external cracks and or damage.
3. The injector is now externally cleaned and prepare for the flow test bench.
4. The Fuel injectors are flow tested and the results are recorded.
5. O-rings and filter baskets are removed if possible.
6. The fuel injectors are now placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath where they are pulsed open and closed for 30 - 40 minutes.
7. The injectors are removed from the ultrasonic cleaning bath and then back flushed to remove any additional grime or dirt.
8. New O-rings and filter baskets are installed (if and when available).
9. The fuel injectors are now tested for spray pattern and atomization.
10. The injectors are once again flow tested, The results are recorded and compared to see if the injector flows properly.
11. If the injectors fail a second cleaning session will be attempted.
12. Once cleanings are finalized the fuel injectors are lubricated and placed in a sealed bag.
13. A flow sheet is prepared and shipped with the injector.
Since we do not sell fuel injectors you can be assured that we will do everything possible to get your motorcycles fuel injector to perform as they should. If we don't succeed we will not charge you for our time. For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the links below Good luck and have a nice day.
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