Behringer Xenyx 1622FX - How do i get a passive stage monitor to work? This might be a stupid question! I have only been in a band for a few months and have just purchased a Passive 200W Pulse PVS10 Wedge Stage Monitor. I can't seem to get it to work with the Behringer Xenyx 1622FX system that is at the reheasal studio - Can anyone help?

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yes only "active" marked speakers have there own power amplifiers included with them , as you clearly said yours is "passive" that means it has to be feed a amplified signal from a power amp to work , also ive answered this in more detail in the past with other posts here , but speakers have to "matched" to the power amp to work properly this means simply that "impedance" measured in Ohms has to "match" impedance marked on amp
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