Aspire 5535 making noise when booting up

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19 May, 2015

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After pressing the power button and initiating the bootstrap process, several different pieces of hardware in your computer are powering up which could be the cause of this noise.

In a laptop of the make and model you're using I highly suspect the noise is emanating from the left side of the laptop, implicating either the exhaust fan's ball bearings or the main motor on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Acer laptops almost always have their Central Processing Units (CPUs) under the upper-left part of the keyboard panel, as seen from above. They also tend strongly to placing the HDD beneath the touch-pad portion of the "palm" panel, beneath the area just left of the actual touch-pad.

Quite recently I had a client troubled by the same noise on start-up, and although it was an Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-571-33VT), they still had the same basic design with the HDD and CPU placed as I described above. That particular case of start-up noise turned out to not really be as much of a problem as an annoying false alarm caused by poor quality shock-absorbers on the HDD removable tray or housing into which the HDD is secured by four small screws.

From this experience and from using a number of Acer laptops (and a similarly designed Compaq Presario C700) personally over the last few years, my best recommendation is to ignore the noise so long as you do not experience automatic shutdowns due to the CPU overheating or the accumulation of bad sectors on your HDD.
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