Fuse keep blowing after crossing speaker wires. The other day i accidentally crossed a couple of speaker wires on the back of my MHC-MG510 AV. The sound faded in the system and blew the 3.15A 120V fuse by the plug. I took it apart and replaced the fuse with no luck, blew 3 fuses that way. The speakers are disconnected from the system and the only thing that seems to work after the fuse blows is the red light on the power button. What could be the problem? Please help, thank you.

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04 Jul, 2017

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Fuses blow when there is an overload. In your case when you crossed the speaker wires you shorted the main amp. This now has a part that is acting just like a strand of wire.
Trace back the channel you crossed the wires and find the main output device(s). Then replace them. They will be located on a heat sink if that helps.
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