I was recently given a TL-98Q Juki. I have it set I was recently given a TL-98Q Juki. I have it set up on a long arm quilting machine. I have put two sheets with cotton batting between on the machine. Everything is set up. I started the machine and worked slowly trying to get the hang of the setup. The thread from the needle is not interlocking with the bobbin thread. Also, the pressure foot seems pretty loose. I would like help getting the machine to work well without screwing it up entirely.

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Be sure you have installed a brand new needle. If it still does not pick up the bobbin thread, the machine may be out of time.

If the presser foot does not set firmly on the fabric, then that is what you want for free motion quilting. However, if you mean the presser foot is sloppy (wobbly), then the attachment may be loose or the presser foot is worn.

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