I have a Pro-form 650 Cardio CrossTrainer. All of I have a Pro-form 650 Cardio CrossTrainer. All of the information on the display is displayed correctly but the resistance seems to be too high on level 1 and the resistance knob is difficult to turn once turning it to level 5 and anything above level 10 will turn back to level 10 once the resistance knob is released. How do I fix this?

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Normailly there are 2 system:
1) Manual, see the belt if there are defective,try to put a Little LUBE it,since has a LOT of mechanical stress. Replace it if Necessary.

2) The small motor in the system, can be faulty or broken, replace it.However test the batteries if the system have, clean the contacts batterys, with special liquid clean contacts cleaner, and tight very well the connector, and clean too.

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