Hello Chris my name is Skip , I have a 60000 BTU multi-fuel Reddy heater bad work just fine until it ran out of fuel which I was using diesel, so I filled it back up and it ran for a little while and shut off and it just keeps doing this. I have taken it apart and and remove the fuel tip and taking it apart and blew it out, I have taken the hoses off and blown them out and even remove the pickup tube out of the tank and everything seems to be clear. I did wipe off the front of the little glass sensor and I changed out the fuel and and using kerosene now. I read an article where there's a little funnel shaped filter or something on the bottom of the pickup tube and mine doesn't have one of those but neither have I found any dirt in the system or in the tank. I have not messed with any of the pressure settings or anything like that, But it's still doing the same thing. Can you help me with this possibly or do I just have a demon heater on my hands LOL thanks for your help

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10 Dec, 2019

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