How to Cancel Zipcar Membership anytime.

How to Cancel Zipcar Membership anytime.

If you are not interested in maintaining the car but would love to drive some nice cars, then Zipcar is a nice option for you. But, cars are a good asset to own as well. So, after driving a lot of different cars from Zipcar you have decided to own a car, then the first step will be to delete your running Zipcar membership. You can close your Zipcar account from three different methods. Their customer care support is very proactive and will help you to terminate your Zipcar membership very smoothly. Things to know before closing your Zipcar account: Your account will be closed within the next 24 hrs of receiving your request.Additional drivers will also lose their access, once the account is closed.Remaining balance will be charged to the credit card linked to your Zipcar account.If there is a fine, or toll charges accumulated in your account, then those will be also charged to the credit card linked to the Zipcar account. How to Cancel Zipcar membership by submitting a request form? Step 1:Sign into your Zipcar account, from the Zipcar website. Step 2: Then, select the  Account Settings & Information option from the dropdown menu Step 3: Select Close my account. Step 4: Look for Submit a Request, and click on it. How to Cancel Zipcar membership via phone? Step 1: Call 1-866-4ZIPCAR, to connect with the Zipcar representative. Step 2: Provide all the details, regarding the current status of your Zipcar account. And, ask them to have your account closed. How to Delete the Zipcar Account, using Social Media? Step 1:  Access the given below links via your devices, and tag the Zipcar account in the comments, DMs, and tweets. Tweets by Zipcar Can I get a refund from Zipcar? The membership fee is only refunded in the first month of your subscription cycle, afterward, Zipcar won’t be able to refund you any money.
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