World of Warcraft

How To cancel World Of Warcraft

How To cancel World Of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft is 17 years old, yet has never failed to amaze with their fluid-wild parallel world of warlords. Over the years, the creatures of the games, landscapes, stories, and wars just kept getting more and more real. The fact that you don’t need expensive gaming machinery to play the War of Warcraft has made it famous among all generations. But, if you are a dedicated online gamer, then it is very much possible that you have crossed all the adventures WoW has hidden in its triggering landscapes, and it just doesn’t give you the same adrenal rush. And your gaming community has also moved to some other game. Well, not every game can be played for life, especially when all the challenges have lost their edge and excitement. To say your byes to this long time companion, go through the given below guides on, “How to Cancel World of Warcraft”. How to cancel WoW Subscription from your Blizzard Entertainment account? First thing first, open up this link in your web browser and log in to your account.Then, go to the Games & Subscriptions page, and then press “Manage”, visible next to the gaming account that you no longer wish to continue.And then hit,”Cancel Subscription” to cancel the subscription. How to Cancel WoW Subscription through Battle net account? Log in to your Battle net account using this link, go to the Games & Subscriptions page, to select the game that you want to cancel.And then click on “manage” for the game you want to cancel the subscription and then select “Cancel” Subscription, to cancel your WoW subscription.
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