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Quick Fix: How to Cancel Willow TV subscription, 2021 Guide

Quick Fix: How to Cancel Willow TV subscription, 2021 Guide

A lot of time when you are using Willow TV, more than excitement for the ongoing sport event, you can feel rage for using Willow TV. People have complained again and again, about its incompatibility with lots of devices like Firestick or FireTV, it not refreshing itself on its own, and the degraded quality of live visuals. Willow TV really needs to pull themselves together because they cost a whopping 9$ per month, and have really better competitor products. So, if you wanna switch to some other subscription service to watch sport, it is a smart decision. How to cancel Willow TV subscription via Email? Step 1: Write an email to cs@willow.tv, with a subject line, “Cancel Willow TV Subscription”. Step 2: Include all the details about your Willow TV account, and ask them to delete the paid subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle. How do I cancel my Willow TV subscription on an iPhone or iPad device? Step 1:Head to the ‘Settings’ of your iOS device, and click on your profile picture to open up the list of options on your screen. Step 2: Then, hit on the ‘Subscriptions’ option to open up the list of subscriptions. Step 4: Next task is to select the ‘Willow TV’ subscription. Step 5: Lastly, click on the ‘Cancel’ button and ‘Confirm’ your decision to cancel the Willow TV subscription. How to cancel Willow TV subscription on Android? Step 1: Open up the Google Play Store app, and cross-check if you have logged in to the same account with which you purchased the Willow TV subscription. Step 2: Then, tap on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of your screen, to open up the slide-in menu. Step 3: Select ‘Willow TV” subscription from the list of subscriptions. Step 4: Hit on the “Cancel Subscription” button to cancel the subscription. How do I cancel Willow TV on PayPal? Step 1: Access the Paypal website www.paypal.com on your web browser. Step 2: Then, follow this sequence: Settings
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