Why is my Alexa blinking yellow?

Whenever Amazon.com has delivered a message in your inbox, regarding the delivery of your product, or a message from the seller, Alexa blinks yellow as a signal for you to read the emails from Amazon.com

How to resolve Alexa’s blinking yellow light?

If you want the Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices to stop flashing yellow light, just ask Alexa to read the received message.

Alexa will read the message for you, or inform you regarding the delivery of the product. And stop blinking yellow.

How to disable Alexa’s blinking yellow feature?

Step 1: Launch open your Alexa App on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2:  Click the hamburger menu from the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click, “Settings”.

Step 4:  Click, “Device Settings”.

Step 5: Select, your device (linked to Alexa), and tap Communications.

Step 6:  Disable the Communications by turning off the toggle button grey.

Why is my Alexa flashing green?

Alexa blinks green for incoming calls. So, whenever you receive a call on the phone connected to Alexa, Alexa will flash green light, until the call drops, or you pick up the call.

How to resolve Alexa’s flashing green light?

To stop the Alexa from flashing the green light, you have three solutions:

  1. Say to Alexa, “answer call”. So, Alexa will pick up the call, and you can talk to the caller.
  2. Say to Alexa, “decline call”. So, Alexa will decline the call for you.
  3. Ignore the call. Say nothing, do nothing.

Note: Spinning light means that you are on a call. To stop a spinning green light, you are required to stay to Alexa, “hang up”.

How to disable Alexa’s flashing green feature?

Step 1:  Launch the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2:  Tap the hamburger menu.

Step 3:  Tap Settings.

Step 4:  Tap Device Settings.

Step 5:  Select your device, linked to Alexa, and select the “Communications” option.

Step 6: Toggle off the enabled Communications option, grey.

What other Alexa colored lights indicate?

  1. Solid Blue: You have woken up Alexa, it is in alert mode.
  2. Solid Blue with spinning Cyan: Alexa is processing your request
  3. Alternating Blue and Cyan: Alexa is responding to a question or a command.
  4. Purple: Facing issue in connecting with the Wifi.
  5. Orange: Connecting to Wifi
  6. Solid Red: Microphone is off.