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How to cancel Weight Watchers subscription?

How to cancel Weight Watchers subscription?

Guided workouts, Weight loss tracker, and meal plans, Weight watchers have it all. Weight watchers understand that just hitting the gym won’t help people lose weight, as it is mostly the discipline and mood outside the gym that help people to achieve their fitness goals. WW coaches, meal plans, and handy apps make it very easy for you, to create a supportive and mindful world around you, helping with weight loss. But, even after having everything you wanna call quits on it. It is fine. Joining WW can be overwhelming, and suffocating if you are not prepared, resulting in months of procrastination. So, instead of procrastinating and wasting your hard-earned for no result, cancel your Weight watcher subscription via following our detailed article. Before canceling the Weight watcher subscription, keep in mind that: Cancelation requests get processed within 72 hrs of putting in the request.You will get a confirmation email regarding the cancellation of your subscription, if it has not arrived within a week’s time, you have to again ask them to cancel the subscription. How to cancel the Weight watcher membership online? Go to the weight watchers website and log in to the account that you used to purchase the Weight watcher subscription.Then go to your profile page, here you will find, “Cancel My Account”, option, click on it to cancel your Weight Watchers subscription.Then, Weight watcher will present a few alternatives to Cancel their subscription. Skip all the provided alternatives and press the Complete Cancellation button.Before completing the cancellation process, Weight Watchers will prompt you to fill out the forms, before finally canceling your Weight Watcher subscription. Note: You will receive an email notification from Weight Watchers regarding your  How to cancel the Weight watcher membership over email? Write an email to the Weight Watchers at  help.uk@ww.com.Ask them to cancel your membership before the commencement of the next billing cycle. Note: If you have sent the membership cancellation request via  How to cancel the Weight Watcher smembershi[p over the phone? Dial 800-651-6000 to contact the customer support rep of Weight watcher.On dialing the given number, you will talk to the computer who will ask you to select from the given choices by pressing the numbers from 0 to 9. Here, you are required to click this sequence:4<5<2Following the sequence, the computer will put you through, and you can talk to the customer rep and ask them to cancel your Weight Watcher membership. Does Weight Watchers prorate cancelations? If you have unutilized weeks on your pre-paid Weight Watcher pass, the company will process a complete refund for the unused weeks.
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