How to Join Twitter Groups

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to curate their thoughts into “tweets.” Registered users can post, like, or retweet the tweets. However, unregistered users can only read them. The platform also permits users to participate in social networking groups, better known as “twibes”. Anyone with a valid Twitter account can join the conversation through web applications like,,, or All of them help you search for groups to join. How to Join Twitter Groups The web applications mentioned above allows you to search for content by using specific keywords. It helps you to join generalized conversation groups. Pick one app that suits you best.  Sign up for the app. It involves signing in to your Twitter account through the app’s website. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the app. Now, you can enter a group, denoted by a hashtag “#” sign. You can now read other people’s posts and type in your response. You should remember that some apps may keep you updated on current postings but may not allow you to reply directly through the app.
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How to Search Favorite Tweets on Twitter

Twitter users can assign specific tweets as “favorites.” That tweet will be permanently saved in the “Favorite” section and you can view it at any time. You can search and view your own as well as others’ Twitter favorites.  How to Search Your Favorite Tweets on Twitter Open, and sign in to your account.To view your own favorites: click on the “Favorites” link on the right side of the screen and skip to Step 5. To view someone else’s favorites: type the name of the user into the search box. Click on that user’s name under “People results.”Open the “Favorites” tab. Now, you’ll be able to see all the “favorite” tweets of that user. Press Ctrl+F to open the search box. Type a keyword to search amongst the favorites on that page. If a match is found, it will be highlighted. 
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How to Add Photos to Twitter

Twitter as a famous social media platform allows users to curate their thoughts and express themselves with ‘tweets.’ Users can also retweet other users’ tweets and media which they find intriguing and easier to relate with. And perhaps even cooler, Twitter allows users to add photos in their tweets and on their profile. If you’d like to add photos to your tweets and profile, follow the set of instructions given below: Adding Photos to Tweets Open Twitter’s webpage. Sign in to your account and click on the Home tab. Source: WikiHow Hower your mouse to the “What’s Happening” text box and enter your tweet.Click on the “Add Photo” icon at the bottom of the “What’s Happening” box. Source: WikiHow Select the photo. Click on the “Tweet” button to post your tweet. Source: WikiHow Adding Photos to Your Profile Click on your profile picture and select View Profile from the drop-down menu. Source: WikiHow Select the “Edit Profile” tab on your Profile page. Source: WikiHow Choose whether you want to “Change Your Profile Photo” or “Change Your Header Photo”. Source: WikiHow Click on “Upload Photo” and choose your new photo. Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Click on “Save Changes”. Source: WikiHow
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How to Delete Your Twitter Account

Many users may love it, but Twitter can be draining at times and you may want to delete your account. Most people want to temporarily get away with their Twitter accounts and be back after a short break. Others may want to permanently break up with the platform to avoid hours of surfing and tweeting. Either way, you can easily deactivate your Twitter account. The social media platform will remove your profile, messages, and tweets from its website immediately. However, your data will be invisible for 30 days. If you log in, everything will come back. However, if you don’t log in within 30 days, your account and its content will be deleted permanently. How to Delete Your Twitter Account Open your Web browser and log into Twitter. Click on the “Account Settings” tab at the top of the page. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Scroll down and click on “Deactivate My Account.”  Read the warnings and, be confirmed with your decision. Then, click on the “Deactivate” button. You’ll be given a 30 days grace period if you change your mind and decide to reactivate your account. To confirm your identity, enter your Account password. Click on the “Deactivate Account” button. Immediately close the Web browser and don’t log back in. now, Twitter will start removing your profile and your tweets. Remember that some tweets may take a few days to be completely erased.
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How to Follow Someone on Twitter

The first thing users do after signing up for Twitter is to follow famous celebrities, role models, and media accounts to stay updated. Most users find Twitter to be the best platform to follow people with similar interests. There are different ways to follow someone i.e. via the person’s profile page or tweet. Follow the set of instructions given below to start following people from the Twitter App or through its website: Using the Twitter Mobile App Follow Via the Person’s Profile Page Click on the Search icon on the main menu page. Enter the name of the person you want to follow. Then, a list of search results will appear.  Tap on that person’s name to open the profile page. Source: eHow Click on the Follow button on the profile page. Source: eHow Now, the “Follow” button, turns blue and a checkmark appears, which means that you are now following the account. The app shows a list of related accounts you may want to follow. Click “Follow” next to any of the suggested accounts to start following them. Source: eHow Follow Via a Tweet Every tweet allows access to a Follow button (in the bottom-right corner), which can be used by users to start following that account.  You can also tap the person’s name at the top of the tweet to view the full tweet, where a Follow button appears on the top-right corner. Using the Twitter Website Follow Via the Person’s Profile Page Click the Search field in the top-right corner, enter the name of the account you want to follow. Then, select that account from the search results to view the user’s profile page. Source: eHow Tap on the Follow button to start following that account. Source: eHow Follow Via a Tweet Similar to the Twitter app, every tweet grants access to a Follow button. Click the Follow button beneath the tweet to start following that account. Source: eHow You can also follow someone by clicking their name on your timeline. This will open the account profile window. Click the Follow button in the upper-right corner. Source: eHow
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