How to report videos, accounts, and comments on TikTok

TikTok has been in the limelight for a lot of wrong reasons this year. The unrestricted and unregulated content on the video-sharing platform may cause harm to many users. However, TikTok offers users the option to report any sexual, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content.  Here’s how you can do it: Reporting Objectionable Videos Tap on the Share button in the right corner.  Select Report from the menu that appears on your screen.  You will be asked to state your reason to report, select the most appropriate one and tap on the submit button.  As stated on the final submit page, if it appears that someone is in physical danger call the local police (law enforcement).  If you’re simply not interested in the content, tap and hold on to the video and select not interested from the menu that appears.  Reporting a TikTok Account If you want to report an account, tap on the account icon.  Now, tap on the three-dot icon and select Report. You’ll be asked to state your reason to report, select the most appropriate one and click on the submit button. Reporting a Comment To report a comment on Tik Tok tap and hold on it. A menu will appear on your screen, tap on the Report button.  State your reason for reporting this comment and then click on the submit button (you can add any additional comments or screenshots before submitting),
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How to secure your TikTok Account

With rising cases of phishing and cyber attacks, it becomes important for users to secure their online space. TikTok is no less prone to cyber bullying and data breaches.  Tik Tok’s security standards are often not enough to prevent user identity. In such a case if you’re worried over your TikTok account, you can secure your account by adding a verification code and changing a few key settings.  Here’s what you need to do: Adding a verification code to your tik Tok account Launch your Tik Tok app and tap on the “me” button at the bottom right. Tap on the three-dot icon to go to settings and select “manage my account” option.  Source: HowToGeek Add your phone number and email address here.  After you’ve updated this information, Tik Tok will send you a verification code each time you log in to your account by your phone number.  You can still log in with your username and password without any verification
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How to delete your TikTok Account

TikTok is a mobile app that’s fun to use, and easy to share your life on. However, you might get bored with it or simply want to reduce your on-screen time. Whatever the reason might be, if you’ve grown out of using TikTok and you’re thinking of deleting your account, here’s how you can do it: How to delete your TikTok Account Log in to your account and tap on the “me” button.  Source: HowToGeek Open settings by tapping on the three- dot icon. Tap on the manage my account button and select delete my account option.  Source: HowToGeek If you’ve enabled a verification, you’ll receive your code on the number linked to your account.  Put this code and click on the delete account button.  Source: HowToGeek You’ll need to confirm your decision.  Source: HowToGeek Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a notification saying your login has expired because of deactivation, and before you will be redirected to Tik Tok’s home page.
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