write a review on google for a business

Most Read: Write A Review on Google

Most Read: Write A Review on Google

Writing a Google Review can be a very supportive act for the business of your friends, or your favorite brands. Obviously, you can express your negative opinion about someone if you think that they have wronged you, in any way. And in order to do so, just follow the guide and you’ll see your review reflected on their Google business page, for the world to see. Things to keep in mind before writing a Google Review: You cannot write a google review without a google account.And all the reviews posted on Google are public and will carry your profile picture, and your name, which you have a Google account. How to leave a Google review via Desktop? Step 1: Search for the business and its location in Google. Step 2: Once, you have found the business, go to the Google Business Profile and look for the “Reviews”.  Step 3: Then, click “Write a Review”. Step 4: Now, a pop-up will appear on your screen, asking you to start, write comments, or add photos, as a review for the business. Step 5: Once, you are satisfied with your review, hit.“Post”.  Bonus Video: How to Create a Google Review Link How to leave a review on Google Maps via mobile? Step 1: Open up the Google Maps on your device. Step 2: Search the business name for which you want to write a review. Step 3: Once you have found that business, look for the “Review” tab by scrolling your screen from the right to left. Once you have found it, click on it. Step 5: Now, you can add stars, photos, and comments as reviews for the business. Step 6: Hit, “Post”.
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