how to cancel a fitness connection membership

2022 Guide: How to cancel Fitness Connection membership?

2022 Guide: How to cancel Fitness Connection membership?

Want to take a break from Fitness Connection? Tired of too much gym, and no real physical outing? Cancel the Fitness Connection by using our guide, and get yourself a nice vacation. How to cancel the Fitness Connection online? Step 1: Ask your gym to provide you with the membership account, barcode, or tag number. Step 2: Visit the Fitness Connection website, and open up the cancelation form. Step 3: Fill the form with all the details, provide an email when prompted, and hit submit. Step 4: You will get your case number in the email. You are required to submit the number to the Fitness Connection center, and your membership will be canceled. How to cancel Fitness Connection by phone? Step 1: Gather your membership account, barcode, or tag number, from your gym. Step 2: Then, call (281) 931-6609 if you live in Dallas, or (800) 922-7898 if you live in Austin. Step 3: Ask the agent to cancel your membership, and provide the details asked of you. Step 4: Wait for the confirmation email to come regarding the cancellation, on the email registered with Fitness connection. If you don’t, call them again. How to cancel Fitness Connection by email ? Step 1: Compose an email to with a subject line, “Cancel My Membership”. Step 2: In the email include your name, address, and date of birth. So, that you can be verified as a member of the gym, and if there is any remaining payment. Step 3: Ask them to cancel the membership before the commencement of the next billing cycle. Note: Once your membership will be canceled you will receive a confirmation email. How to cancel Fitness Connection via mail? Step 1: Write an application requesting to cancel your Fitness Connection membership, and the reason because of which you won’t or can’t continue the membership. The application includes the following: NameNumberEmail AddressJoining date of the gym Step 2: Mail the request to the following address: Fitness Connection. 16969 North Texas Avenue Suite 500. Webster, TX 77598.
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