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Quick Guide: How to Cancel Coinbase Account.

Quick Guide: How to Cancel Coinbase Account.

Are you opting out of the crypto game? I can understand it is very volatile, and all the theories defining its structure can be considered very airy from time to time. So, if you have decided to cancel the Coinbase account, read carefully this guide. And if you have faced any kind of fraud on the Coinbase platform, do ask their team to resolve the matter for you. In case they are not responding on the private channels, you can always contact them on social media accounts. Things to know before canceling the Coinbase subscription: Ensure that there is zero balance in your account.In case there is any remaining balance in your account, make sure to withdraw that balance from your bank account. How to close the Coinbase account? Step 1: Open up the Coinbase app on your device. Step 2: Log in to the account with which you want to close the account. Step 3: Head to the “Activity” page. Step 4: Select, “Close Account”. Step 5: Now, the app will automatically log you out, and you will receive an email; notifying you that your account with the Coinbase has been closed. Bonus Video: How To Delete Coinbase Account Permanently (Easy Guide) | Delete Coinbase Wallet How to request a refund from Coinbase online? Step 1: Open up this form on your web browser Step 2: In the form, select the” Coinbase” as the product. And follow as prompted. Step 3: In the topic field select, “Account Compromised or Unauthorized Accounts”. Step 4:  In the issue field select, “My account is compromised or has been hacked”. Step 5: Then, select, “I sent funds to a third party”,  in the “What can we help you with” field. Step 6: And just follow all the prompts and wait for the Coinbase team to go through your matter and reach out to you. How to request a Coinbase refund over the phone? Step 1: Pick one of the following numbers as per your location: +1 888 908-7930 (U.S./International)0808 168 4635 (UK)1800 200 355 (Ireland) Step 2: Get in touch with the representative of the Coinbase, and provide all the details related to your account, and the transaction for which you are seeking a refund. Step 3: Comply with the queries. And keep patience till they reach out to you with any kind of solution. How Long Will I Have To Wait To Receive My Coinbase Refund? It depends on the situation. If the mistake is made by Coinbase, and you have informed them about it, you will receive the funds on the following business day, directly in the Coinbase wallet. But, if the transaction is made to another merchant account, then it will depend on the response of the receiving party.
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