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How to cancel an Etsy order {A-to-Z)

How to cancel an Etsy order {A-to-Z)

For canceling any order on Etsy you are required to directly contact the seller or the shop, from where you purchased the product in the first place.The cancelation process will be ruled by the policy of the seller or the shop from where you are purchased.No cancellation request is guaranteed from Etsy and solely depends on the seller’s or the shop’s terms and conditions. Anyone who shops or sells, on e-commerce platforms knows very well that, sometimes you have to cancel the order. On Etsy, you have the liberty to buy the products from solopreneurs, artists, small companies around the world. And also you can sell anything to anyone around the world. But, that also makes it tough to analyze future situations. For example, you cannot know if on any giving day you are going to get 1000 orders all of a sudden. Or, you just got your order item on Etsy as a gift. Life happens. So, here are ways to cancel orders on Etsy as buyer and seller. Just remember to write a respectful message, informing the receiving party regarding the cancelation of the order, and be genuine in your apology. How to cancel an order on Etsy with an account? Step 1: First of all, directly go to, and click the “Sign in” option, available near the top-right corner of your screen, and sign in to your Etsy account. Step 2: Now, look for “You” titled avatar and click to open up the drop-down menu. Step 3:  Select the “Purchases and reviews” option. Step 4: A page with all the orders you have bought will come in front of you. Here, look for the “Contact The Shop” button and select it. Step 5: Finally, you are required to write a persuasive message to the seller, depicting why you want to cancel the order and press, “send”. How to cancel an order on Etsy without an account? Step 1: Go to the inbox of the email address, to which you received the confirmation email from Etsy, and open the received email, from Step 2: Finally, write a reply to the received email asking you to cancel the order you are about to receive. Be mindful of the reason you are to write in the email behind your decision to cancel the order at the last moment. How to send a message to the buyer on Etsy, before canceling the order? Step 1:  Open up your Shop Manager dashboard, and locate the “Orders and Delivery” section. Step 2: Here, look for the order you are having issues delivering. Step 3: Then, select the message button, and write a  message, including your apologies and reason for canceling the order. Step 4: Hit “Send.” How to Cancel an Order as a Seller on Etsy? Step 1: Open up and sign in to your Etsy Seller account. Step 2: Go to the Shop Manager. Step 3: Select “Orders and Shipping.” Step 4: Move to the “Cancel an order” section by clicking on “More actions,” then “Cancel” in the “Order Detail” options bar.  Step 5: Select a reason for canceling the received order. After that, you will find the total amount to be refunded to the buyer. Step 6: Write a message to the buyer informing them of your decision. Step 7: Select “Cancel Order.” Note: The refund will be transformed to the buyer within the next 48 hrs if paid directly from the Etsy payment, if they paid using other payment methods, then you will be required to pay back the received amount, on your own. 📺 Bonus Video: How to Cancel an Order on Etsy as a Seller (and Refunding Money on Etsy) What can I do if the seller won’t cancel the order? Step 1: Directly go to and head to the “Your Account” section. In case you are using the Etsy app, log into your Etsy account and select the “You” icon. Step 2: Go to “Purchases & Reviews.” Step 3: Select “Help with order” next to the order you are unable to cancel the order. If you are trying to cancel the Etsy order via app, directly tap the “Help with order” button. Step 4: Tap “Still need help?” Step 5: Select “Yes, I want to open a case.” Step 6: Finally, select a reason to cancel the order and hit “Next.” Then, provide a response for all the prompted queries, and “Submit”. Note: For submitting any complaint with Etsy you will require an Etsy account. If you are not registered with Etsy, register yourself first. The seller is required to reply to your request in three days, if the seller fails to reply within the decided limit, you can attract Etsy’s attention to intervene and resolve the matter as soon as possible by following the given below step guide: Step 1: Open up, and log in to your account with which you purchased the order, that you want to cancel now. Step 2: Head to the “Purchases and Reviews”. Step 3: Select the “View case” option next to the order that you want to cancel. Step 4: Select the case you want to escalate, and get resolved. Step 5: Select “Escalate.” Note: After opening the case with Etsy, Etsy will review the case and make the final call. But beware of the seller’s preconditions, Etsy decisions are most likely to comply with the seller’s terms and conditions unless it is a one-of-a-kind situation. Source:
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