Canceling StreamLabs subscription with easy refund tips.

Canceling StreamLabs subscription with easy refund tips.

StreamLabs is true to its motto, “Go live and Grow your Audience”. They have been helping out millions of content producers, such as musicians and gamers, who love to stream and can engage a live digital audience. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Streamlabs helped people to build an audience and earn money without stepping out of their homes. But, to grow the audience on any social media platform, requires platform-focused content creation and continuous engagement. And that simply cannot happen when your attention is divided over thousands of different platforms. So, if you have decided that you will be entirely focusing on Youtube or some other platform and will use their Live feature of the platform rather than using Streamlabs, to do live streaming. Then you are making the right move for now. You can always return on Streamlabs when you have the same amount of following on all the platforms. How to Cancel the Streamlabs Pro via the website?  Open up the Streamlabs website in your web browser, and Log in to your account. After logging in to your account, you are required to go to the “Pro Settings’ ‘, to do so click on your profile picture or avatar, visible at the top right corner of your screen.From here go to the pro setting and then click on, “Cancel & Refund Subscription” to cancel your Streamlabs pro subscription. How to cancel the Streamlabs Pro via email? First thing first, write an email, and subject it, “Subscription Cancelling Request”, addressed to the support@streamlabs.comInclude all the details regarding your account and ask them to cancel your subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle on your account. Note: Do not forget to request them to correspond with the confirmation of the cancellation of Streamlabs email. How to raise a ticket to cancel the Streamlabs Pro subscription? Visit this page, “ Streamlabs support page”, and ask them to cancel your Streamlabs subscription. ask that your account is canceled and submit the ticket.  Does Streamlabs Offer any Prorated Refund on canceling the subscription? Well Yeah! If you ask for the refunds within 60 days of you canceling your Streamlabs pro subscription, Streamlabs will transfer your refund within 3-4 working days,  Note: On canceling the Streamlabs pro subscription within the first 72 hrs of signing for it, Streamlab will process an automatic 100% refund for your account.
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