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Cancel Spot Satellite Messenger [2022 Guide]

Cancel Spot Satellite Messenger [2022 Guide]

If you recently switched your job and do not require the Spot Satellite Messenger to keep tracking locations, cancel the subscription by following the given below guide. So, you don’t have to pay for the unconsumed months. To cancel the subscription follow the given below guide. How To Cancel Spot Via a Phone Call? Step 1: Pick up your phone and Call 866-651-7768, between  Monday – Friday, 24h CST. Step 2: Have your PIN (Personal Identification Number) ready with you and dial on your phone when prompted. Note: In case you don’t remember your PIN, log into your account and head to, “Billing and Setting” to look for your PIN. Step 3: Ask the representative to cancel the subscription, and send you the confirmation email once the subscription is canceled. Can I Get a Refund From Spot Satellite? Yes, for the products under the Short Term Rental Plan you can get a refund if you cancel the service before the delivery of the product. To receive the product follow the given below procedure: Step 1: Pick up the phone and dial 8666517768 to connect with the Spot representative. Step 2: Enter your PIN when prompted. Step 3: Next provide your name, address, and ESN of the product you want to cancel or return. Step 4: Ask for confirmation of the cancellation and refund on the email. How do I update my contact information? Step 1: Open the SPOT website and log into your account. Step 2: Look for the “Settings and Billing” option, and select it. Step 3: Under Customer Information, you’ll find the “View/Edit” button. Click it. Step 4: Provide your new Payment info Billing address or both. Step 5: Click, “Save”.
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