Cancel Spirit Flight & Secure a Refund

Cancel Spirit Flight & Secure a Refund

Spirit provides a wide range of flights and depending on the flight there are different cancelation fees that are deducted if you fail to cancel on the same day of booking. So, be mindful of this fact while canceling the flight. In this guide, you’ll find 360-degree information to cancel the flight. So, relax and just follow the guide to the t. Things to know before canceling the Spirit flight: The fee for changing the Spirit is 99$.Spirit can waive the flight cancellation fee, if someone in your family has fallen sick, or died, or you have a military order. To avail of the waiver on the cancelation fee, you will be required to submit the proof to the airlines.Spirit flight credits expire within 60 days from the date of their issue.You will get a 100% refund on the flight cancellation if you delete the flight within 24 hrs of booking, and there are 7 days left for the departure of the flight.In case you fail to cancel the flight within 24 hrs of booking, you will attract a fine between $39 to $79, depending on the flight.Below are the cancellation fee, implemented by Spirit depending on the ticket type: Ticket Type Days from DepartureFee AmountStandard or Award Ticket0 to 6 days from departure$797 to 14 days from departure$5915 to 59 days from departure$3960+ days from departureFreeFlight FlexUp to 24 hours before departureFreeSame-Day Changes–$99 How To Cancel a Spirit Ticket Online? Step 1: Open up the Spirit website, and log into your account. Step 2: Click on, “my trips”. Step 3: Provide your last name and the confirmation number for the flight. Step 4: The reservation summary will open up on your screen,  click “cancel reservation” to cancel your flight. Step 5: Finally, a message will appear on your screen, informing you about the amount that will be refunded to you as credit, that you are supposed to utilize within the 60 days time period. Note: If you are still facing challenges in canceling the flight, then you can always call Spirit customer care at 801-401-2222, by paying a fee of 10$. Bonus Video: How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight: Cancellation Policy & Fee How Do I Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines? Step 1: Open up the Spirit website, and log into your account. Step 2: Click on “My Trip”. Step 3: Select the bookings for the trip that you want to cancel. Step 4: Click cancel and confirm your decision to cancel the flight. Step 5: A page will open up on your screen, providing the form to apply for the refund. Step 6: Fill in all the details. Provide a reason to cancel the flight. You might have to attach documents. Step 7: Review your application, and click on the, “Submit application”.  How To Use a Spirit Flight Credit? At the time of canceling the flight, you will receive a 17-digit code. To avail of the voucher at the time of booking, all you have to do is click on the drop-down menu at the time of payment, and select, “Vouchers and Credit”. And enter the 17-digit code to redeem the voucher. But, be mindful of the fact that vouchers are for single utilization only. So, if you have a voucher for 100$, and the flight is 60$, then you cannot use the remaining 40$ on another flight. The voucher will expire after the reduction of the 60$. And you will lose the 40$.  Also, be mindful of the fact that the voucher comes with an expiration date of 60 days.
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