Cancel Southwest Flights in a Snap: 2022 Guidelines

Cancel Southwest Flights in a Snap: 2022 Guidelines

Things you need to know before canceling the Southwest flight: You are not required to pay any kind of cancellation fees.You are not required to pay any kind of flight change fees.You can directly cancel or change the Southwest flight via the or Southwest app.In case you cancel a Southwest flight for the nonrefundable fare, then Southwest will provide you with the Travel funds which works like store credit. You can track your Travel funds via the Southwest app, or the Southwest website, and access the Rapid Reward section.To use your Travel Funds, all you have to do is apply them to the next ticket you are buying from Southwest. And this you can do for the Southwest website as well as the app.If you have purchased your ticket from a third party, then you have to ask them to cancel the ticket for you. You won’t be able to cancel or change your flight via the website or the app of Southwest.After the Covid pandemic, the Travel funds emerged from the canceled “Wanna Get Away” flight, surviving for a 1 year time period from the date of their issue.Only the “Business Select” and “Anytime” are refundable.In case you cancel the flight within the first 24 hours of booking, and the no-show policy is not applicable, then Southwest will refund the entire fund to the original account.Southwest gives ample chances to its customers to cancel the flight, 10 minutes prior to the time of the departure, but even if the customer fails to cancel and arrives, then Southwest will not refund the fare or add them to the Travel Funds to be used in future.In case you need a refund for the non-refundable flights, you can always call 1-800-435-9792, and brief me about your case. How to Cancel a Flight on Southwest Airlines? Step 1: Open up the Southwest website and log into your account. Step 2: Click on the “Change/Cancel” button near the top right corner of your screen. Step 3: Look for the flight that you want to cancel. To do this provide the following credentials:  Confirmation number First name Last name  Step 4: Select, “Cancel Flight”. Step 5: Select, “Search”. Step 6: The list of flights will come up on your screen, select the flight you want to cancel.  Step 7: Confirm the cancellation. Note: After canceling your flight you will get the option to refund your ticket to the original account, if the flight canceled was of refundable fare. But, in case the flight was of non-refundable fare, then, in that case, you will have to add the fund to the Travel funds to use them in the future. How to Check Southwest Travel Funds? Step 1: Open up the Southwest website, and log into your account. Step 2: Navigate to the SEARCH Step 3: Provide your first and last name. Step 4: Provide your confirmation number. Step 5: Click, “Check Funds”.
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