How to cancel the Skillshare subscription?

How to cancel the Skillshare subscription?

Skillshare is full of “Evidence-based classes” by Solopreneurs and experts.  You will get to learn practical methods and theories for many creative skills such as writing, photography, fashion designing, vlogging, YouTubing, yoga, meditation, cooking, dancing, and many other skills Every other day SkillShare teachers are adding some new courses to help you out to live a better financial life. But, once you have learned the skill, you will probably have no use of the Skillshare, if they don’t have any other thing to teach you of your interest. And it would be best to implement the learned knowledge, or it gets lost in the world of our busy brain. So, take a break from Skillshare, and try earning a penny or some solitude with the learned skill. Below we have disclosed a few ways you can take a break from learning from Skillshare, and start implementing for real. How to cancel the Skillshare subscription via the website? Go to the Skillshare website and log in to your account.Then, head to the”Account Settings” and then move to the payment section by clicking on the “Payment” button on the left side of the menu.On the payment section page, you will find,”Cancel Membership” button, click on the to cancel the Skillshare subscription.Thereafter, follow the prompted steps and finally cancel the subscription. How to Cancel Skillshare on Your iOS Device? Head to the “Settings” on your iOS device.Then open your Apple ID by tapping on it.Now click on the, “Subscriptions” to open up the list of subscriptions.From the subscription, select the “Skillshare” subscription, and then click on “Cancel subscription” to cancel the Skillshare subscription. How to Cancel Skillshare on the Google Play Store First of all, open the Google Play store on your Android.Tap on the hamburger menu, located at the top left corner of your screen. This will open up a menu.From the Menu, select “Subscriptions”, to open up the list of subscriptions.Now, from this list of subscriptions select, “ Skillshare” subscription.Then, cancel the subscription by clicking on “Cancel subscription” to cancel the subscription. Can I Get a Refund When I Cancel Skillshare? Skillshare does not process refunds for monthly subscription but does for the annual subscription, though only if you cancel the annual subscription within the first 7 days of processing the payment. Does the Skillshare Subscription Renew Each Month? After the expiration of the free trial subscription, you are required to cancel the Skillshare subscription, or it will renew itself as a paid subscription. Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription? Yes, Skillshare allows you to pause the subscription for three months.
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